The cool guy sticker pack will take your cyber chat experience to the next level. Without a doubt you will impress your friends with this pack; but more likely annoy them. This pack currently contains 27 stickers in the group, with 18 of them being animated. So put on your cool guy hat, press your hands together and let the #TY particles float to the sky.

CyberChat 420 includes:
•V. chill (hang loose) • #TY particles • Very cool eyewear
•A disapproving face • Breaking news • R u srs
•OMG (annoying) • LOL (annoying) • Siqq
hehehe? • 4:20 clock • Stahp sign
Cool guy hat (static) • #1 dad hat (static) • Heart
•A monocle (static) • Lit match • IT’S LIT
Flushing toilet • Xtreme • Mocher coffee drink (static)
Krangol hat (static) • Very chill guy (static) • Camo bucket Hat (static)
Reechard Reechardson Brand Coffin (static) • Slow kids sign